Apr 19, 2010

what do you think?

Messenger, facebook, twitter,....
Fun or the end of friends and friendships as we know it?
Happy to read your thoughts on this?


  1. Well, I have only MSN messenger... I am not always online but I like to talk to my frineds and family... It is very useful... For example: When I forgot what do I have to do for homework, I can ask somebody from my school mates on MSN messenger...

    But it's not OK if you are on MSN messenger or any other internet-thingy for hours and hours.. Come on people.. You'll get square eyes if you'll not take a break... :D :D :P

  2. i have Msn messenger and facebook... i think, this is very good. katka... i agree with you, that msn messenger is useful, but...

  3. MSN is cool and this isnt the end of friendship.
    facebook even makes friendship with people all over the world.You star knowing them and their lives...

  4. BUT... You need to be safe! You don't know what kinds of things can happen... from kidnapping to threatning...

    So, people BE SAFE!

  5. Mrs. Mlakar, I didn't know that you can play volleyball. I wonder: What else can you do?
    You are a great volleyball player...
    I hope a new blog will come out soon..

  6. Thank you, Katka. Yes, I'm a teacherof many talents!! :)))
    A new blog? Any day now!! :)

  7. i love facebook!! it's so cool!! <3 :P