Dec 23, 2010


It's Christmas time. For me, this is the best time of the year. School is out, I get together with my family, we decorate the house and the tree, we eat a lot and of course don't forget the presents :)What about you? I'd like to hear your thoughts about Christmas. And Merry Christmas to you all and a happy, happy, happy new year. :)

Jun 2, 2010

Thank god, school is almost over! :))

Yes, it's almost over and yes I'd like to know about your plans for the holidays but even more I would like to hear your thoughts about English lessons this year. What did you like and what didn't you like? Why, why not? Any suggestions for next year? Are you satisfied with the grades, do you think they are fair? Are you happy with your teacher? If you could change anything, what would you change?

Apr 19, 2010

what do you think?

Messenger, facebook, twitter,....
Fun or the end of friends and friendships as we know it?
Happy to read your thoughts on this?

Apr 8, 2010

a riddle :):)

Who goes fishing??? :)

Solve the riddle and win a prize!!!! :):):):)

There are 5 houses of 5 different colours: blue, green, red, white, yellow
In each house lives a person of a different nationality: American, Australian, British, Canadian, Irish
Each of the 5 house-owners has a certain job: carpenter, lawyer, pilot, plumber, waiter
Each of the 5 house-owners has a certain hobby: chess, fishing, football, sailing, tennis
Each of the 5 house-owners has a certain pet: cat, dog, goldfish, hamster, horse
None of them have the same pet, job or hobby.

Other facts
The Irishman lives in the green house.
The red house is on the immediate left of the white house.
The person in the red house is a pilot.
The American plays chess.
The Canadian is a waiter.
The person with the horse lives next to the one who plays tennis.
The person who goes sailing lives next to the one with the cat.
The person with the goldfish plays football.
The person in the blue house has a cat.
The Briton has a hamster.
The Australian lives next to the yellow house.
The person with the horse has a neighbour who is a plumber.
The person in the center house is a lawyer.
The Australian lives in the first house.
The dog owner is a carpenter.

Question: Who goes fishing?
The American?
The Australian ?
The Briton ?
The Canadian?
or The Irishman?

Mar 31, 2010

easter is coming up

Hello my dear students. Long time no "see" . :) I've been a bit busy grading your tests and doing some other stuff like EPI reading badge BUT now I'm back. As I said in the title Easter is coming up and I would like to know what this holiday means to you. Do you like Easter? Why, why not? Is it just fun because you get a school free day and because of the food or does it have some deeper meaning for you?? What do you do, what do you eat, where do you go,....????

Mar 18, 2010

Things people eat or the truth about Mcdonalds!!

We are talking about food these days so this seems to be a good discusion for our next blog post!
Watch the video first. What do you think is the point he is trying to make? What do you think about fast food? Do you like it?

PS: Caution to those with weak stomachs!!It is absolutely disgusting!! :)

Mar 14, 2010

play the game, win a fantastic prize

Big audio dynamite, E = mc²

The first person that can guess why I 've put up this link today(March 14th), gets an award. Answers are due on Monday! Don't tell anyone else! Just one person gets the prize!!! :):) Watch the video (the link) and then think, think, think!!!!! :):)
Good luck :)

Mar 8, 2010

strong wind in ajdovščina

My dear 7t graders. As you probably know I'm not a native Primorka:) but I 've lived here only for four years. I can't get use to the strong wind and now they say that it's going to blow up to 200km/h this week!!!!! Any suggestions for you poor teacher?? How to survive??

Mar 4, 2010

EPI Reading Badge- reminder!!

My dear 7th graders. If I forget to tell you in class this is just a short reminder!! EPI reading badge competition is on March 18th. All worksheets (about books) must be handed in at least three days before!!! Have fun reading. :)

olympic games in Vancouver

The Olympic games are over. Did you watch and cheer? Who did you cheer for? What do you think about the Games??

Feb 8, 2010


Hello my dear 7th graders!
Let's bring something new and fresh to our English lessons.This blog will give you opportunities to use and practice your English in communication with your classmates and your teacher through this widely-spread digital medium.I hope you will find blogging challenging enough to join in with ideas and commentaries regularly. I know your creativity and imagination know no limits and this is where you can let those two go free. However, remember this is still a learning zone ...