Jun 2, 2010

Thank god, school is almost over! :))

Yes, it's almost over and yes I'd like to know about your plans for the holidays but even more I would like to hear your thoughts about English lessons this year. What did you like and what didn't you like? Why, why not? Any suggestions for next year? Are you satisfied with the grades, do you think they are fair? Are you happy with your teacher? If you could change anything, what would you change?


  1. Well, I don't find anything wrong or not fair..
    But the others maybe have some comments about this..
    I heard the others, like hundred times that the tests are too long.. But this last one, I must say it had only 10 tasks..
    I don't have any comments about the English teacher... :D
    I think you are a great teacher.. enough said..
    I am happy about my grades.. not only in English, but also in other classes..

    What am I going to do for holidays.. Well, I told pretty much everything in the last task in the test. :D:D

    That would be all.. B-BYE

  2. Yes Katja, you are right. I totally agree with you!

  3. katka! you told this so so nice. i agree with you.

  4. Thanks Anonymous!
    Wait.. Who are you?

  5. i am your best friend... hahaah :)

  6. Oh... Really?
    I don't know which best friend..
    sooo.. Can you tell me your name?

  7. Anonymous.. I DON'T know who you are.. and you claim that you are my best friend... You're not Tine, Ema or Kaja.. So.. Who are you??

  8. Anonymous.. Why aren't you answering?? When somebody asks you who are you, you just 'melt'... I think you are joking with me, by claiming you're my best friend.. sorry, but I am not in a mood for games like these..

  9. Summer holidays.. aahh.. they are just super..
    BUT! I can see that everybody is out and not on this blog.. I can see that.. Well, I still check if there is anything new here, and there isn't..

    This is quite disappointing..
    I totally understand this..
    Everybody is too busy having fun!

    So.. Carry on! Have fun people! See ya!

  10. I hope the new blog will come out soon. (:D) (:D)

  11. I am STILL waiting for the chocolate and the new blog. So.. yeah... Just a reminder.. or something like that xP.